Studio 151 Palermo

Our method a result

Working with images and words, doing so evocatively by generating relevant and incisive ideas, always involves establishing a method, a constant and cooperative dialogue with the client, and the construction of a unique language that knows how to enhance the value of an object in a world of facts.

Studio 151 Palermo


Study aimed at the product

Depending on the desired media and languages, we strive to make your project decisive and relevant through an initial product-facing study that knows how to show an analysis of your needs.


Studio 151 Palermo
Coding of innovation and design of distinction
Studio 151 Palermo

We develop value, which is essential for clarifying goals and strengths, fixing brand positioning and personality.

Studio 151 Palermo


Projects and ideas designed to create uniqueness
To this phase we add the ability of our designers to model concrete, valuable and generative forms of a distinctive language dedicated to your project.


Studio 151 Palermo
Digital product for a material future
Studio 151 Palermo

In the development stages we select, edit, cut, reduce. We make the message clear and sharp, focusing on simplicity, clarity and progressive reduction of complexity into a solid, scalable, effective product.


Telling stories and measuring results

A constant check on the performance of digital products and the spillover in practical terms of the value achieved so that only what has potential to evolve is fixed.

Every plan and strategy are Unique


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Ci piace ascoltare e affrontare nuove sfide

Se hai un progetto che ti fa battere il cuore o un’idea che ti tiene sveglio la notte, vogliamo saperne di più!




Anticipaci qualcosa

La privacy è una cosa seria

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We like to listen and take on new challenges

If you have a project that makes your heart race or an idea that keeps you up at night, we want to know more!
Studio 151 Palermo


The hub analyzes and organizes your data making it capable of making a positive impression in the physical market through digital strategy. It is an enabling platform for talent, meetings, and new ways of communicating through the ability to network.

Studio 151 is the place where you clarify your product’s goals and strengths, direct the development of communication, set brand positioning and personality.

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